Dr. Sandi Cleary

Sandi Cleary, founder and director of Spiritual Renewal Ministries is a Certified Behavioral Consultant, and a Licensed Scripture-based Biblical Christian Counselor.

Sandi has been doing Scripture-based Biblical Christian Counseling for over 25 years. She earned her Master’s Degree in Temperament Therapy, and her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical Christian Counseling from Cornerstone University in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Sandi’s Applied Research Project for her doctorate was the development and implementation of the SRM Overcomer’s Fellowship Program, a group interaction program that reinforces the concepts learned in the counseling process. Her doctoral program was enhanced by her writing a dissertation documenting the specific Biblical solutions to the eighteen most common counseling issues, to help people overcome life-interfering difficulties, without resorting to mood or mind-altering substances and medications.

Dr. Cleary is listed in the Christian Counseling Consortium of South Jersey.