The Seven Dynamics for Spiritual Growth©

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1.)  Surrender your life to Jesus to be your Savior and Lord.
John 3:16

2.)  Be in a church and a member of that church
1 Corinthians 12:18

3.)  Put yourself under submission to the authority of the Pastor and church leaders.
Hebrews 13:17

4.)  Have an active daily devotional life that includes Bible study and prayer.
Philippians 4:6, II Timothy 2:15, II Timothy 3:16

5.)  Be in a small group fellowship, in that church, where you are sharing with others what     God has shared with you, and where you ask others to pray for your concerns, and you can pray for their concerns.
Acts 2:42, I Corinthians 12:26-31

6.)  Have your spiritual gift activated in that church.
I Timothy 4:14, I Corinthians 14:12

7.)  Have your ministry call activated in that church.
Romans 12

For optimum results and to prevent return of disorder follow the treatment program, exactly
as prescribed, throughout your entire lifetime.

   The Seven Dynamics Essential for Genuine Spiritual Growth © SRM/Cleary 

You may have heard it said that the Bible is a guidebook giving instructions for how to deal with every aspect of life. This sounds so simple. It seems impossible that one book, written centuries ago, would be able to address the complex issues of today’s society. The problems in the 21st Century, however, are no different from the problems that society experienced during the years the Bible was being written.

SELF-centeredness is the core of every life-interfering difficulty. Learning how to develop God-centeredness is what sets you free to be able to have an active, productive life, and to truly be an effective servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When SELF has first priority in your life, an underlying “dis-ease” causes you to go down various paths of SELF destruction, attempting to alleviate the resulting discomfort. Some overindulge in food, others in drugs, alcohol, or nicotine, some in sabotaging habits or thought patterns, and others in a never ending stream of unhealthy, destructive interactions with people.

Worry, fear, anxiety, phobias, depression, financial stress, job dissatisfaction, marital strife, stress, chronic illness, are just a few of the ways lives are impacted, when overtaken by SELF-centeredness. The Seven Dynamics listed on the other side of this prescription, are viable steps that enable genuine spiritual growth to take place, as the means of overcoming every kind of situation that can hold you in bondage in your mind, body and spirit.

Addictive and rebellious personalities, and those suffering from never ending difficulties, have these three characteristics in common.

1.) They resist authority.
2.) They resist following rules.
3.) They have a secret in their hearts that they hope no one EVER discovers. That secret could be a crime committed, or a lie told years ago. It could be childhood sex abuse, or feeling unloved, or unwanted. As a result of this secret, they resort to many different thoughts, habits and indulgences to quench the uneasiness that plagues them constantly. Fear of the truth being discovered, or of being overpowered, and/or of losing control over their lives is the reason why they resist authority.

Following the Seven Dynamics, step by step, puts a person under subjection to authority, then into obedience to following the rules, through OBEYING God’s Word, as it is revealed though the daily study of God’s Word. They are able to eliminate pride, which hinders genuine spiritual growth, by learning to be on an equal basis with each person God has put in their life. Equality does not downplay leadership of specific roles entrusted to different people for the sake of order and expediency. Genuine service to the Lord happens when the spiritual gift and the ministry call are activated in the church where the Lord has sent you.

When you get your mind OFF of the Problem and into God’s Word, you soon learn to Submit to Authority, Assume Responsibility and have Structured Companionship, for yourself, and those who depend on you for guidance and direction, as the way to enjoy a life that brings honor and glory to God. These dynamics activated in a person’s life, will keep life whole, healthy and vibrant.

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